About our company

ICICB is proud to help our nation’s top institutions and business keep up with the competition. Whether at home or internationally, we have dedicated specialists that find solutions for you and your company. We help to maximize the value for shareholders no matter what industry you’re in.

Years in business
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Our focus and goals

Inteligent finance

We support global investments that bring capital into our country. This includes insurance, private equity and funds.

Resources of the future

This focus is all about using the best resources like oil, gas, mining, renewables and power generation.

Service Connections

We’re constantly striving to advance the systems that underpin our country’s stability in terms of banking and the government.

Supply chains

We value the importance of the efficiency and transparency of supply chains for agriculture, retail, contractors, industrials, logistics and food and beverage industries.


The importance of connections should not be undermined. ICICB helps connect business and people in our digital economy. We focus on telecommunications, technology, education, media and entertainment and health.

We strive Together

Here at ICICB we appreciate the feedback that our clients share with us. We strive to grow and expand together, and here is what some of our satisfied clients had to say: